So you wanna be a rock star? There is a lot of things you should know above and beyond just playing great music. It takes drive, a willingness to put yourself on the line for a dream, a deep understanding of business politics, a knowledge in marketing and the internet, money, and more money.

Throughout the early 2000’s I took my playing serious. The band I was a pert of booked constantly and had a dream that we would “make it big” and all of our troubles would be over. It sounds pretty optimistic and maybe even a little pie in the sky but we truly felt we had the right stuff.  The fact is we had a lot more issues than we thought and there was a point when we all just preferred to dissolve our partnership. Throughout that time I learned a ton! I learned what it takes to get people to hear your music, how to connect with industry professionals, how to build websites, the role of social media, and even how to get paid for a show rather than to pay to play. Since my days of touring, I have gone on to get my Bachelors degree in Multimedia Development and a Masters degree in Project Management and have built a strong resume of helping major corporations with their online presence and SEO.  The skills I had to learn as a musician translated into high paying skills that are in demand so I figured I would share with you some things to learn if you would like to increase your chances of making a real name for yourself.

Tip #1

Play With Other Musicians & Encourage Your Band To Do The Same.

 In my experiences, you learn a lot from others and it actually helps build a following for your main project. The more exposure you get the better and jamming with others is the very best way to not only improve your playing but build a solid network of other like-minded musicians.

Tip #2

Learn How to Build Websites and Landing Pages With WordPress.

 This is n era where a computer is on every individual at all times. This means that if you know how to manouver the web and get your band seen the you will be able to increase the number of potential fans to hear your music.


Tip #3

Buy Your Own Recording Gear


Tip #4

Tour, Tour, Tour


Tip #5

Learn Some Search Engine Optimization


The day of needing to impress a record company is over. If you hone not only your music skills but also web and marketing abilities you can literally build you own income from your music. .



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