The music industry changes daily and as artists we need to stay on top of the latest industry trends. In this article we will be reviewing some of the most recent trends in music performance and recording so that you can make the most of your recording experience.


Vocal Effects Trends:

It seems in recent years everyone wants to make the vocalist sound like a transformer by adding unneeded chorus, delay, reverb, and even pitch correction. This is a trend that if you are looking for a timeless sound then I would avoid…however if it is the sound you are searching for then make sure you have examples of something similar to let your engineer listen to. Whether this trend continues or people start getting tired of every song sounding like the vocalist is singing under water is yet to be seen as of the writing of this article.

Home Studio Recording:

With the advances in studio technology and the fact that quality equipment is more affordable than ever, you will find that a lot of professional albums have been tracked with nothing more than just a great interface, EQ, Compressor, and not much more. the advantages to this style of recording is that it is relaxed and you aren’t as concerned with the clock. I find that this setting produced some of the best results. Keep in mind that simply having the equipment will not deliver quality results alone, the engineer must also have a working knowledge of the gear and an understanding of ow to manipulate the signals to generate the best results.

The Millennial Whoop

This is an odd trend but it is present in most popular songs however the trend is that we are seeing a decline in it’s use. The millennial Whoop s basically the use of whoop, ya, or other vocal expressions to help with the melody and flow of the song.




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